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Youtube Downloader NG 9.2

Downloads YouTube videos of any quality and extracts their audio stream
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YouTube Downloader NG (aka, YouTube Music Downloader) is a simple yet efficient download manager capable of grabbing any video hosted by YouTube regardless of its quality and video format. From standard-quality video to HD 1080p video files, this easy-to-use software program can download any MP4 and FLV video file from the most popular of all video sites.

The first thing that may confuse you is the program’s name. Advertised on the official website as YouTube Downloader NG (NG stands for New Generation), the tool’s own interface refers to it as YouTube Music Downloader, which may leave you wondering if you’ve installed the right app. The second thing that I found confusing is the inclusion of various tabs in the program’s one-window interface that promise to download videos in batches and to convert them into other formats. I had to learn the hard way that those options are completely disabled and will remain so until I upgrade to the Pro version. Apparently, this tool is nothing but a showcase for the real thing, which would allow you to download various videos simultaneously (included encrypted YouTube videos) from more than 1,000 sites and to convert them between formats.

These severe limitations suddenly turned a promising batch-downloader and converter into a one-function tool that merely grabs one video at a time from one video site only, YouTube. There are still two choices you can make – you can choose between downloading the video as is or just the audio stream in MP3 format, and you can choose the output quality preset of your choice, among those available for that particular YouTube video. Unlike other similar tools, the program won’t give you any information about the video being downloaded while in process – no thumbnail, no title, no artist name, nothing. Being a one-at-a-time downloader this is not a big drawback, but it detracts a bit from an overall lame interface.

Even though it’s still a free tool, the functionality it provides is too scarce to compete with the dozens of other free video downloaders available on the Web. Its one-window interface is not one of its best assets either, and the lack of information about the download in progress together with those frustrating disabled tabs do not add to its value.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Selectable output quality
  • Permanently updated regarding YouTube changes
  • Supports all YouTube resolutions
  • Extracts audio on the fly


  • Conversion is only available in the Pro version
  • No batch downloading capabilities
  • Supports YouTube videos only
  • No info about the video being downloaded
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